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Find out: Why you need MaxCDN and how easy it is

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What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN is a company that provides network for you to circulate your website all around the world quickly. The term CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. This is actually a server network which is spread around numerous countries. Copies of your site files will be distributed to the servers of the Content Delivery Network. When a user hits the link of your site, MaxCDN will supply your site’s files from a server that is nearer to the user’s current location.

Why is it necessary?

The physical distance between your hosting server and your user does matter in the sense that the greater the distance is, the longer it takes to load your website. So if you want to serve your business site to the people from a remote place, you need to make sure your hosting company has a server nearby your user’s place. MaxCDN provides you exactly this certainty. Their large network around the globe ensures that your user will have the best site experience in terms of speed wherever he comes from.

simple bullet point list, here is why Maxcdn use it

    1. Speed – Once we started using a CDN on our site, the site got faster.

    2. Crash Resistance – Thanks to you guys for sharing our articles, we have received huge spells of traffic from social media on some of our articles. If it wasn’t for the proper CDN and caching setup, then our site would crash so many times. CDN allows us to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.

    3. Improved User Experience – Since we started using a CDN, we have noticed a decline in bounce rate on our site. Furthermore, we have also seen increased in pageviews and numbers of pages viewed by each user. So clearly a fast site means improved user experience.

    4. Improvement in SEO – Google has clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in Search Engines. We have noticed our site ranking higher once we did the optimization on our site.

Keys of MaxCDN Features

MaxCDN has a wide range of features that covers the most popular hosting services and more. It lets you monitor your site’s most important statistics with a list of various types of reports.

MaxCDN boasts a strong network around the world and it is spreading out increasingly. It has technologically updated hardware such as speedy RAM which ensures delivering your site very quickly.

MaxCDN uses top technologies like compressing files using Gzip to reduce the amount of data needed to be transferred. As a result, it takes lesser amount of time to load your webpage on a user machine. Due to technical reasons, your hosting network may be down in some specific locations. So for the time being, users will not be able to visit your site. MaxCDN keeps this in mind and to prevent such pitfall, it uses intelligent routing software to alternate networks when necessary. As a result, your website and product will be ready to serve customers each and every moment.

You can monitor your bandwidth usage, traffic on your site and more using the flexible and customizable MaxCDN reporting tool. You can protect HTTP referrer using this content delivery network.

MaxCDN offers plug-ins to easily install and integrate it in popular CMS such as Joomla,WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc. So it is highly compatible with content management systems.

Benefits of MaxCDN

Lots of studies have proved that a site that loads faster has greater amount of visitors. In other words, people like to visit sites that load fast. So, if you are a site owner, you want your site to be loaded quickly. Website speed is an important criterion for search engines in ranking sites. So using MaxCDN will not only ensure happier users but also better SEO optimization.

How good is it?

MaxCDN has a reputation for its efficiency and customer support. It boasts clients likeBrokersWeb, TemplateMonster, BuySellAds and User Voice. These are some of the companies that are web-oriented and trusts MaxCDN for its relentless services. This is a testament to the quality and reliability of MaxCDN’s services.

About MaxCDN

MaxCDN was founded in 2009. The credit for the foundation of MaxCDN goes to Chris Ueland and David Henzel. The headquarters are setup in Los Angeles, California. Being a content delivery network provider, MaxCDN asserts on reducing latency of rich-content delivery. MaxCDN has multiple locations all over the world in which it preserves regional edge-servers allowing its customers to replicate the files.

MaxCDN is adapted towards consumer and home office users. Also, MaxCDN enterprise is targeted towards enterprise customers. MaxCDN hosts nginx servers in Europe, North America and Asia. MaxCDN makes the most of Anycast stateless routing for one-to-nearest content delivery over multiple connections.

MaxCDN dynamically sustains Open-source software and is an Nginx financing patner which supports Google’s SPDY (3.1) effort and also hosts JQuery and BootstrapCDN on its network. MaxCDN ranks fifth in CDN market-share (7.6%) according to, in a cumulative list of the Alexa Internet top 1 million websites, with 4821 entities using MaxCDN technology which includes a control panel and Restful API.

Recognized as one of the best CDN providers, MaxCDN is an accomplished network built for you. Our edge locations are tactically placed in areas of high demand, accelerated by Anycast routing with 100% SSD servers. We understand your preferences and hence we provide a network which is simply controlled by you. One can use the MaxCDN control panel to instantaneously provision and eliminate content, generate reports and change how content is cached on each location. Our reports give you a more detailed view of the history and current status of your CDN usage like Status codes, File size distribution, Custom domain reports and more.

MaxCDN Review in Detail

Installation and Setup

MaxCDN has plug-ins for most content management tools. So installing MaxCDN for your site is very simple. You only need five minutes to complete the whole setup process. You need to install the plug-in for your website and configure it according to your necessity. Once you finish this simple process, your site users can enjoy the lighting fast website speed for your product.

Interface and Features

Managing your content delivery network is very easy using the dashboard of MaxCDN. The dashboard of MaxCDN is developed to let you manage your account in an easy and simple way. You can find necessary statistics of your site on the dashboard. You can find the data usage information and monitor traffic to your site using the dashboard options.

You can change your packages as well by upgrading, adding or removing services from thedashboard menu. The dashboard menu is fairly simple and is built to provide you information in a convenient manner with the help of graphs and images. You can use this control panel on smart devices like iPad.

Ease of Use

MaxCDN supports Magento, Joomla, WordPress, XCART, PRESTASHOP, Drupal and more. So you can easily integrate MaxCDN with your site without any hassle.

Help and Support

MaxCDN offers excellent technical support for 24 hours a day. So whenever you run into a problem regarding your network, MaxCDN support team is available right then. You can enjoy their live chat option to communicate with their support team instantly and solve your issue quickly.

MaxCDN has a list full of common queries by the users that may help you finding the best solution to your problems. There is also a phone number available on their website that will help you reach the support team easily.


MaxCDN is very confident about the quality of their services and the strength of their network. It offers a 30 day money back guarantee should it fail to meet your criteria. You can enjoy the Starter package for only $79.99 a year. The Business package is available at$99.99 a month. The Starter package needs annual payment while the Business package needs to be paid monthly.

MaxCDN Review: Conclusion

MaxCDN can be set up in just a few minutes and you can enjoy the powerful network of this company for your users instantly. It will surely increase your website traffic which means you will enjoy happier users and surely more revenue.

Should you decide to purchase a package from MaxCDN, don’t forget to use my MaxCDN coupon code below which will offer you a 50% discount on the current price listed. Use the powerful network of MaxCDN and ensure the best site experience for your users.

How to Install and Setup MaxCDN on WordPress?

Using content delivery networks to promote websites or, products has been very popular. A Content Delivery Network like MaxCDN allows you to reach your customers faster. With the servers of MaxCDN scattered all around the world, people from any country will enjoy a faster access to your website.

First of all, you need a MaxCDN user account. You can purchase a package from MaxCDN and will be provided with a username and password. Then you need to download the third-party plug-in to activate MaxCDN for your WordPress blog.

There are lots of third party plug-ins available to integrate CDN on WordPress sites. But the two most popular wWrdPress plug-ins are W3-Total Cache and WP SuperCache. We are going to show you the process of setting up MaxCDN for your WordPress blog using the W3-Total Cache.

Installing W3-Total Cache

To download the plug-in, go to the Admin Panel of WordPress and click the Plugins menu on the dashboard. Click the Add New button and a page will appear with a search form on it. Search with the name W3 Total Cache and a plug-in named “W3 Total Cache” will be found. Hit the Install Now button to install it.

Activate the plugin after finishing the installation process. After successfully activating the plugin, a new menu named “Performance” will appear on the dashboard menu of WordPress. Note that you need to uninstall any other caching plug-in before you install and activate the W3 Total Cache.

Setting up MaxCDN using W3-Total Cache

From the Performance menu on the dashboard, go to the CDN feature. Click the Enable check box first and select your CDN Type as NetDNA/MaxCDN. Hit Save All Settings button to activate MaxCDN.

We assume that you already have a MaxCDN account. If you don’t have an account, subscribe to one of the packages of MaxCDN. Login to your MaxCDN account and from the dashboard menu, click on Manage Zones >> Create Pull Zone.

You will be asked to provide some details on the new Pull Zone.

• Pull Zone Name: Name your Pull Zone. The name needs to be at least three characters long and without any space. Pull Zone Name is more like your username.

• Original Server URL: The URL of your WordPress blog is required here. You must enter the “http://” at the beginning and a slash(“/”) at the end of your URL.

• Custom CDN Domain: Use a subdomain address i.e.

• Label: This is an optional field. You can add a small description here.

• Compression: Enabling this option is recommended as it will save the bandwidth usage information for your account.

After filling up the form above, click on the Create button. As soon as you click it, a success message will appear on the screen. You will find a URL for your CDN there which will be something similar to “”. Copy this URL and save it for later use.

On the dashboard, you will find the zone you created. Click on the Manage button and then click on the Settings. Hit the edit button on the Custom Domains and add custom domains. You can add a maximum of seven custom domains. Then click on the Update icon. Make sure you enable the GZip compression feature from the Compression settings.

Now you need to create CName record. We are going to use cPanel for our tutorial. Sign in to your cPanel and go to the Domain Section. Click on the Simple DNS Zone Editor. A new page will appear with two fields on it.

• Name: Custom CDN Domain name is required here. In this tutorial, the domain is, so we will enter “cdn” as the name of the Custom CDN Domain.

• CNAME: The URL that was provided to you by MaxCDN after the successful creation of your new Pull Zone. It was something similar to “”.

Then hit Add CName Record. For every custom domain, follow this process. The CName will be unchanged in every case. The cdn values will be different. In our tutorial, the first one is “cdn”. The second one might be “cdn2”, the third one might be “cdn3” etc.

The MaxCDN configuration is complete now. Now go to the page CDN Settings and edit the Configuration form. On this page, there are two fields – API ID and API key. The values of these two fields can be found on the MaxCDN dashboard under the menu Manage Account >> API. Copy the values and paste them in their respective fields on the Configuration form page. The “Replace site’s hostname with” field requires your Custom CName values i.e. “”, “” etc. Now click the Save All Settings button and your WordPress site is ready to work with MaxCDN.

You can enjoy a cheaper deal for the services of MaxCDN if you use our MaxCDN coupon which will offer you a 50% discount for each of the packages. The MaxCDN Starter package costs you only $39.95 per year while the Business package costs you only $79.00 per month and $799.00 per year.

MaxCDN for WordPress Review for Beginners

WordPress has been the most popular blogging tool for the last few years. Most of the new blogs use WordPress now while many of the old blogs are switching to this platform. If you have a blog that is developed using WordPress and you want to use a content delivery network to promote it, MaxCDN brings you the best solution. MaxCDN is highly compatiblewith WordPress and with its strong network; your business will grow faster than ever. MaxCDN is a reputed company in delivering a powerful content delivery network. CDN means Content Delivery Network which is used to circulate your product around the globe. MaxCDN provides a strong network that is spread around lots of countries. It saves the static files of your website and sends them to users from a server closer to the users’ current location.

Why do You need MaxCDN for your WordPress blog/Website?

Content Delivery Network is a great way to spread your product around the world. The distance between your website server and the user is very important. A larger distance between your server and user means it would take longer to load your website on the user’s machine. MaxCDN provides a great solution in this purpose.

MaxCDN has servers in over 90 countries. Their network is spread all around the world. So if a user from a distant place tries to access your website, MaxCDN network will use a server closer to his location to deliver the static files of your WordPress blog. Consequently, your blog will take less amount of time to load on the user’s machine.

Implementing MaxCDN for WordPress

Implementing MaxCDN for WordPress is very easy. There are some third-party plug-ins available to make MaxCDN work for WordPress. Using one of these plug-ins, users can deploy the content delivery network of MaxCDN for their WordPress blogs. The two most recommended plug-ins in this purpose are W3-Total Cache and WP SuperCache.

There are thorough instructions available on the parent website of MaxCDN to help users easily activate MaxCDN. Users need to download the necessary plug-in first. With some small tweaking, they can set up MaxCDN to work with their WordPress blog seamlessly.

How MaxCDN Works in WordPress Blog?

The sole purpose of MaxCDN is to make your website faster for your users. Faster website means your site will be loaded faster on users’ machines and it is proven that fast websites attract more users. To enable your WordPress blog load faster, MaxCDN saves all of the static contents of your website.

There are always some static elements of your website that does not change often.Javascript, CSS and image files often stay unchanged. MaxCDN takes these files and distribute them to its servers. When a user hit the link of your WordPress blog, MaxCDN sends the static files to the user’s machine from the nearest server. As the distance between user’s machine and the server impacts website loading speed, sending your files from a nearer location will certainly reduce your site loading time.

It will make your WordPress blog faster for the users. They will find visiting your site convenient and it will make your blog more popular.


MaxCDN represents the best option for the site owners looking to circulate their website all over the world. It has a great network that works intelligently and stays always active to provide its users the best service. There are two price plans – the Starter and the Business.The packages are affordable and represent cost effective options. MaxCDN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their users.

The Starter package is available at $240.00 per year. Users of MaxCDN can still enjoy a further 50% discount on the listed price should they try the MaxCDN coupon code below at check out.

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